Drug Testing Procedure

The Next Chapter will complete onsite urine testing as part of the therapeutic process.  Should a urinalysis test be found necessary for confirmation, the client will be referred to an area medical testing clinic and at the client’s cost.  An alternative to this referral can be a probation or parole office.  The client will have 24 hours to comply with the request.  Should the client choose not to comply; the request will be considered “declined by the client”.  At that time, further assessment can be utilized to explore client barriers and further options for treatment.  Community professionals such as probation or parole officer, social worker, and/or other pertinent agencies can be included in this assessment.  Any test results found positive in use will be used for further treatment planning.  The client can have the opportunity to refute the initial test findings at the cost of the client.   

If illicit substance use is suspected, the client will be offered the opportunity to address any use with the counselor.  Admission to use will be documented and entered into the client’s file.  Referral for urine drug testing can be deferred. 

If a urine drug screen is necessary, the client will be provided documentation of the request for the screen to be complied with.  A release of information will be on file for the screening agency to obtain the results.   

Further options for treatment because of positive urine drug testing or admission of use can include:  

  • Changes in treatment plan goals and tasks to include barriers in abstinence. 

  • Changes in length of time in services.   

  • Increase in the level of care to the least restrictive environment necessary to accomplish abstinence. 

  • Referral to an alternative program. 

  • Referral to a sober living environment. 

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