Whether you’re struggling with personal or relationship problems, talking them through with a qualified, compassionate therapist will help you develop the necessary skills to navigate tough times and challenging situations. Don’t go it alone—we’re here to help. The Next Chapter offers a variety of therapeutic tools that, used individually or in conjunction with each other, help clients find their way through life dilemmas and concerns during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

About Me

Janel R Sanford


I have twenty years of professional experience in the substance abuse field that includes diverse populations in various community settings including women's issues, homelessness, LGBTQ, domestic violence, medication-assisted treatment and co-occurring mental health. I have worked with a variety of topics and prefer working with individuals and families specific to trauma and abuse, positive parenting, grief and life transition, coping with chronic illnesses, substance abuse and self-esteem issues. I have developed a strong belief in the necessity of addressing the family system as a whole in order to develop lasting changes.

I acknowledge the importance of evidence-based practice and the importance of working as a team with my clients. I believe it is important to accept others where they are at. To honor them while they sort out the debris of what is left following a trauma.


While we cannot change what has happened to us, together we can learn what the triggers are that trip us when we are not looking, develop coping skills that serve to support us when we need it and to plan for better days ahead that bring peace and joy.

Our Collective Partners

Thrive ICT invests in the lives of trauma survivors to connect them to services and resources in the Wichita area. Thrive ICT has partnered with The Next Chapter to provide support services to domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking survivors along with their partners.


True belonging doesn’t require that you change who you are. It requires you to be who you are.

~Brene Brown

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"WIN offers a supportive environment for women in transition, providing advocacy, emotional support, mentoring, coaching and teaching that allows them to regain economic stability in today’s workforce. Simply providing survivors of domestic abuse with job readiness training, a limited income, and educational opportunities is not enough. Recovery from abuse requires a holistic approach. WIN focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life so that true healing can take place. The women of WIN learn a variety of skills including food handling and packaging, problem-solving, basic work-place etiquette, and interview/job search."

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